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-How do I enter a challenge?

Choose course > Select a [GL] hole > Press “Play GreenLinks” > Slide the Birdie/Hole-In-One and Fee scales to change the amounts on top, then select “Pay & Play”!

-How do I report a win?

After you’ve paid to play, there’s a button on the top right (on the GPS view of the hole) that says “Report a win!”, press it!

You can also go to Profile > Challenges History, select an active challenge, and “Report a Win” at the bottom.

-How do I know if I won?

Once you’ve reported a win, we’ll check the video and notify you via text message.

You can also check the status under Profile > Challenges History.

-How do I cash out my winnings?

From your profile section, select “Request Payout”, Add your bank account info. (if you haven’t already), then press “Request”.

You should receive this message: 'Success: Payout request accepted', confirming we have received your request. Once your payment transfer has been initiated, you will get a confirmation text.

-How do I get GreenLinks installed at my favorite course?

Let us know which course you’d like to add at support@greenlinks.com. If possible, send an intro. email to the course GM/pro, Cc: support@greenlinks.com, and we'll be there ASAP!